Hello, I'm Em.


If you really knew me…

Then you'd know that I've experienced emotional and professional burnout first-hand, and I've experienced recovery first-hand.

I left a promising political career to commit myself to serving the well-being of individuals and groups involved in change work. I've stayed in DC, the city I chose and the city I love, through this change. We've been together for 13 years now. 

Whether you are teaching a young person, organizing for grassroots movements, grant writing at a nonprofit, or counseling others, you do change work! The question is: how do we heal our healers so that we may best serve our world?

I bring an anti-oppression lens to all of my work. I love nothing more than creating safe, engaging, and healthy spaces for folks to flourish. Trauma-informed mindfulness practices and self-care have been central to my own growth as a being and I weave them into everything I do.

I have facilitated restorative practices for four years and am trained in proactive and responsive circle processes, nonviolent communication (NVC), and trauma resilience. I work at the intersection of special needs and restorative processes.

Youth work was my first love, so I have to shout out the organizations in DC that I've worked with leading programming and developing curriculum as well as doing hands-on youth engagement: SchoolTalk/Restorative DC, City Kids Wilderness Project, One Common Unity, iBme, GirlsRock! DC, Minds Inc, Girls on the Run, DC Reads, and SMYAL.