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Recovery coaching / mindfulness coaching / life coaching available at a sliding scale from $75 - $125 an hour, or by trade/exchange. 

Restorative justice facilitating and exposure workshops: variable based on the request. Contact me, let's work it out!

Mindfulness and self-care workshops usually start at $150 for 60 minutes, AND I am completely open to figuring out a rate that works for you and your organization.




"Em is pure magic; she embodies unconditional acceptance and support."  - C.K.

"[Em] is tremendously skilled at facilitating groups of all ages and demographics creating safe spaces of trust and authenticity, so that ALL voices are heard and valued. I highly recommend Em for whatever project you have - individual or group based." - C.K.

"I want to thank you for [your Training to Stay] meditation. I have listened to it at least a dozen times and the combination of relaxing body, staying with difficulty, and being silent together is very healing. Sometimes it soothes me so much I get to sleep briefly after a sleepless night. Sometimes it moves me to notice grief I hadn't realized was inside me. Sometimes it inspires me to stay with my students or son or husband or other family or friends, or myself.  So thank you. I deeply appreciate your offering, skill and generosity." - I.K.

“I'd like to thank you for the expert and gentle guidance. I've been very intentional... It has helped a great deal. My stress level is reduced...thanks again for helping me steer my little boat into calmer waters!” - S.M.R.